Opinion and Comment on the Exclusive Brethren

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Message to Visitors,


The site that normally resides at this address has been taken down. The material which was there is still available on request from trevor@hillfam.com.au


The Exclusive Brethren have changed. Whether people like it or not, this is the simple fact and no amount of debate can alter that fact. Never in the history of the EB as far as I can see, has such a dramatic change been made as that which has occurred over the past few years. The change might well be difficult to swallow for those within who have clear memories of former times. But it also quite difficult to comprehend for those who are without and removed for the immediate action.


The opinions and comments which were on this website have to some extent been made obsolete by this shift in EB policy and practice. When this website was put up several years ago, I never would have dreamt that such a change would or even could take place. But it has. Have we seen the end of this change… perhaps not? Where does it lead? No one really knows. We all will have to wait and see.


Meanwhile, please send me your thoughts.


Trevor Hill  07-10-07